Why Having Pre-Bagged Ice Delivered Is Better Than Having an Ice Machine

Posted on: 5 January 2021

Many restaurants, small and large, have ice machines in the kitchen to create the ice that they use in beverages and for other applications. However, some restaurants are starting to break free from this mold. Instead of maintaining their own ice machines, they are having bagged ice delivered every couple of days. What are the advantages of this approach?

You don't have to have plumbing run to an ice machine.

If you are setting up a new restaurant kitchen, then you may need to have a new water line run and connected to the ice machine. Over the years, this line will need to be maintained. If you decide to instead have bagged ice delivered, you won't need to run or take care of this plumbing line, which will save you money and also leave you more options when it comes to designing your kitchen layout. (You won't have to arrange everything around the ice machine because your plumber says it can only be on one wall!) While you will need a freezer to store your bagged ice, a freezer can be put basically anywhere since running a new power line is a lot easier than running new plumbing.

The ice will be clean.

Obviously, you want to make sure the ice you give to the customer is clean and sanitary. This is harder than you might realize when you have an ice machine. Because they have a lot of nooks and crannies that frequently get wet, ice machines are really prone to mold. It takes a lot of frequent cleaning to keep the mold at bay. Shutting down the machine for this frequent cleaning poses a logistical challenge as well. If you instead have ice delivered, you can be confident that the ice is clean, and you won't have to scrub the ice machine weekly to keep it that way. 

You can buy ice in various cube sizes.

Most ice machines are only designed to create one size of ice cubes. When you have ice delivered, though, you can get some small cubes and some larger ones. It's nice to have the option of using smaller ice cubes in your drinks, but larger ice cubes for things like cool tables and pitchers of beverages.

Having ice delivered is a good alternative to running your own ice machine. As long as you have a freezer with space for a few bags of ice, you can make plans for weekly or biweekly ice deliveries and go from there. To learn more, contact an ice delivery service near you.