• Hiring A Caterer For An Outdoor Party: 4 Tips

    When you're hosting a large outdoor party, hiring a caterer is so much easier than trying to cook and serve all of the food yourself. Most catering services are accustomed to catering parties outdoors, but there are still a few tips you'll want to follow to ensure this scenario goes smoothly. 1. Make sure the caterers know they will be outside. When you call to arrange for catering services, the caterer will probably ask for the address or venue name.
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  • Four Tips For Your Backyard Barbecue Party

    If you love barbecuing meat, then you probably can't wait to have friends and family members come over for a backyard barbecue party. However, parties of this sort can be cumbersome to plan. Here are some ways to ensure your backyard barbecue party is a success, not a source of stress. 1. Have the side dishes catered As much as you love barbecuing, it's a lot of work to prepare chicken, ribs, and other favorites for a crowd of people.
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