Two Reasons Why Caterers Should Buy Hamburger Moulder Equipment

Posted on: 10 July 2020

If you're a caterer, purchasing hamburger moulder equipment could be a very wise decision. Continue reading and find out why.

It will make preparing fresh hamburgers less strenuous

Whilst freshly-made hamburgers taste delicious, they take a lot of effort to prepare by hand. You need to apply quite a bit of pressure to each lump of ground beef in order to ensure the meat is tightly packed and formed into the right shape. If you need to make, for example, 150 hamburgers for a big event you're catering, then your hands might feel very sore by the end of the manual hamburger moulding process.

If you are regularly asked to make hamburgers for your catering gigs and you do this by hand, then the chances of you developing an injury like carpal tunnel will be higher, due to the repetitive, strenuous motions you have to perform when prepping the burgers.

Given that a hand injury like this could make running your foodservice enterprise very difficult, it would be sensible to get hamburger moulder equipment that will take most of the work out of making this food. All you'll have to do is pop some ground beef into the equipment, pull a lever or press the "on" button (depending on how your particular equipment operates), and the machine will do the rest of the work.

It will create a lot less mess

Hamburgers that are manually formed from ground beef can leave you with a very messy kitchen. Whilst the mess left behind by manual moulding of this food might not be an issue when you're making a couple of burgers at home for your family, it can lead to big problems in a catering kitchen, when you need to make, for example, 50 burgers in a single cooking session, along with lots of other foods.

In this situation, having puddles of raw meat juices and stray strands of ground beef falling onto the floor, dripping off your countertop, and coating your catering uniform could be unhygienic and might lead to cross-contamination when you then make other foods (unless your sanitization skills are exceptionally impressive).

However, if you have hamburger moulder equipment, you can transfer your ground beef directly from its package into the machine using a spatula, allow this equipment to mould the meat, and then wait for the perfectly-formed hamburgers to emerge and fall onto the chopping board beside it. You can then toss all of the equipment's dirty parts, the chopping board, and the spatula into the dishwasher. All of this can be done without getting any meat or juices on your hands, clothing, or countertops. This will not only reduce your clean-up times but will also prevent remnants of the ground beef from having contact with other meals you're making in the same space.

For more information, contact a hamburger moulder equipment supplier.