Hiring A Caterer For An Outdoor Party: 4 Tips

Posted on: 13 December 2019

When you're hosting a large outdoor party, hiring a caterer is so much easier than trying to cook and serve all of the food yourself. Most catering services are accustomed to catering parties outdoors, but there are still a few tips you'll want to follow to ensure this scenario goes smoothly.

1. Make sure the caterers know they will be outside.

When you call to arrange for catering services, the caterer will probably ask for the address or venue name. Give them this information, but also make sure you specifically tell them the party will be outside. Otherwise, they might assume it is in some sort of building. Knowing that the party is outdoors will help them make sure they bring the proper equipment and plan around the weather properly.

2. Borrow a tent.

Even if the forecast is totally clear, you never know when a surprise rainstorm will roll in. Your caterers won't enjoy setting up in the rain any more than your guests enjoy standing around in the rain to eat. Pay to rent a tent from a local rental service; the cost is more than worth it. Set up tables under the tent so the caterers know exactly where to go when they arrive. 

3. Choose outdoor-friendly food.

Keep the fact that the party is outdoors in mind when selecting your menu. You want to order food that is easy to eat on the run or off of someone's lap. Barbecue sandwiches are a good example since someone can stand around and eat one. Other finger-food sides like watermelon slices and corn on the cob also work well. Sure, you can include some sit-down fork foods like baked beans, but don't make them the whole of the menu.

4. Clear the way.

Make sure the pathway to the food tables is clear. This will help the caterers set up easily, and it will also make it easier for the guests to make their way to the food. It may help to have a designated corner, far from the main party area, for clutter items like extra boxes, containers, and bags of trash. Try to make sure the path to the food table is smooth and free from ruts so nobody trips.

Throwing an outdoor party is the perfect way to celebrate summer or any other occasion. Follow the tips above, and ask a catering service, such as North Fork Event Catering, if they have any additional advice or suggestions.