Go Green: Consider Polypropylene Bags For Your Supermarket

Posted on: 31 January 2016

You want to make sure that your supermarket keeps up with the latest trends, and you can do that by showing how much you care for the environment. The following guide will show the importance of making eco-friendly choices. And you'll learn how polypropylene bags can help you and your customers as well as some of the benefits of choosing these types of bags.

Why Does 'Going Green' Make A Difference?

You know that you will help the environment by going green, but you may be interested in other ways that going green might benefit you. Well, people are concerned about the state of this earth, which explains why 53 percent of people prefer to buy from a company who is taking steps to be more green. Making sure you offer reusable polypropylene bags to your customers might give your business a boost in popularity.

But, if that wasn't enough, a study showed that many consumers (1 out 5) are willing to pay a little more for the products if they know the source is eco-friendly. That means you might be able to raise prices a bit to cover your investment towards a greener business.

Benefits That You Can Pass On To Your Customers

Your customers might like to know why you made the choice to switch to polypropylene bags, which will allow you to educate them as well as highlight how much your company cares about the environment. The following are some things that polypropylene bags can offer your customers:

​A Strong Eco-Friendly Alternative

The first thing you might want to point out is that these bags are made with a heavy-duty blend of plastic that can resist heavy loads. These bags are reusable, and you won't have to rely on paper bags.

The Bag May Resist Bacteria Better

Perhaps one of the most beneficial things about polypropylene bags, especially since they will be holding food, is the fact that they can resist the growth of bacteria and other forms of microorganisms. This is because the fibers within the polypropylene bag does not attract organisms, like wicker bags or paper bags. Microorganisms tend to seek natural fibers instead.

So this means your customers food will be held in bags that are less likely to cause sickness due to harmful bacteria. This is a win-win situation for you and your customers. Be sure to talk to a polypropylene bag specialist like Uniko Food Services about your options and how to personalize your bags to fit your supermarket.