Four Unique Craft Beer Styles To Sample If You Get The Chance

Posted on: 29 October 2015

As a craft beer aficionado, you've had the stouts, the pilseners, the IPAs and the golden lagers. While beers of these styles can be delicious and inspiring, these are not the only styles out there. Should you run across one of these more unique craft beer styles, give it a try. Your palate deserves it.

Red Lager

An American style, the red lager is not nearly as popular as the red ale or the golden lager, but is a nice middle point between the two. Like golden lagers, it is nearly devoid of bitterness, but it has that slightly creamy mouthfeel that is essential in a lager. The malty backbone is noticeable. Some red lagers have a hint of sweetness, while others are on the tart side. Try a red lager with a chicken or pork dish; its medium-bodied flavor is brought out by these meats, but it won't overpower them.


The gueze is a traditional Belgian style and it is increasing in popularity with microbreweries trying to do something different. Similar to a lambic, this beer is bottled and then aged for 2 - 3 years to intensify its flavor. There is no hoppiness whatsoever, and sourness tends to be the most pronounced flavor. Gueze beers pair well with crab cakes, ceviche and other seafood choices, thanks to its acidity.

Rye Beer

Most beer is made with barley, and sometimes oats or wheat. Rye beer, however, has a totally different character as it is made primarily with rye as the grain base. It has a unique, spicy undertone and moderate bitterness. Rye beer is sometimes said to taste "cleansing" on the palate. Rye beer is very versatile when it comes to pairing. Try it alongside a steak and fries for a really hearty combination, or eat it with some mild cheese to let the flavor of the beer take center stage.


This style of dark beer may look like a stout, but it tastes entirely different. Schwarzbiers, which are a German traditional style, are light bodied and refreshing. They make good summer beers and have a touch of bitterness from hops. They have a slight roasted flavor, but unlike in a stout, this is not the primary component. Try a schwarzbier paired with fruit or a delicate salad for a refreshing experience.

Craft breweries (like Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet) are always trying to expand their selections and try new things. Thus, you are likely to see more of these unique styles as the years wear on. Get ahead of the game by giving them a try now.