Food Truck Owner's Guide To Common Commercial Gas Broiler Problems And Their Solutions

Posted on: 30 March 2015

If your food truck's broiler has stopped working as well as it previously did, then you have come to the right place! 

Here is some basic information on three common commercial gas broiler problems and their solutions:

Problem #1: Commercial Gas Broiler is Not as Hot as It Should Be

If your broiler is not generating enough heat, even when it is set on "High," then it may have a problem with the burner's flame opening. As grease drips down onto the burners, it can build up and cause a problem with the flow of gas to the flame.

To fix this issue, remove the burners when they are cool and clean them in a solution of dishwashing detergent to dissolve the grease.

Problem #2: Commercial Gas Broiler is Producing Uneven Heat

The most common cause of a commercial gas broiler producing uneven heat is soiled briquette or rocks. When excess grease builds up on them, the rocks or briquettes do not radiate heat as efficiently as they do when they are clean.

To clean the rocks or briquettes in your broiler, you can place them into your dishwasher. Additionally, you should replace them at least once each year.

Problem #3: Commercial Gas Broiler has a Yellow Flame or Weak Blue Flame

Commercial gas broilers should always have a strong and straight blue flame. If you notice that your broiler's flame is flickering or has changed to a yellow color, then you need to adjust the air shutters to increase or decrease the amount of oxygen flowing to the flame.

A yellow flame on your broiler is a sign that the flame is not as hot as it needs to be. The lower-temperature flame is a problem with cooking temperatures, but it is also a problem because it causes soot to form from unburned gas. This soot will build up on your broiler's internal parts and cause a multitude of problems.

Preventing Commercial Gas Broiler Problems

As is the case with many commercial kitchen appliances, broilers can benefit from regularly scheduled preventative maintenance appointments. At the preventative maintenance appointment, the technician will alert you to any minor problems or worn parts so that you can take action before your broiler stops working and your customers are angry at you.

Final Thoughts

The above are three commercial gas broiler problems that you can easily fix yourself. However, if your broiler has other issues, then you should contact a professional commercial broiler repair company located in your area.